Fairfax, VA Hydro Excavation Services

Also known as water or vacuum digging, hydro excavation is an increasingly popular technology that makes digging more affordable, faster and comes with fewer safety risks. This powerful system uses pressurized water to excavate through the ground without damaging underground utility lines and cables. Five Star Septic’s hydro excavation equipment blends pressurized water with a vacuum system to excavate precisely and quickly. Hydro excavation isn’t as dangerous as old digging technology. It also works year around, especially during the winter when the ground is frozen.

The Hydro Excavation Process

Hydro excavation combines a pressurized water stream with a vacuum system. The powerful stream pushes the soil quickly enough to make impressions large enough to lay groundwork for new utility lines. As soon as the soil is removed, it’s moved to a collection tank by the vacuum. Fan-based systems and positive displacement blowers are the most popular kinds of vacuum methods employed by hydro excavation contractors. Even though positive displacement systems can dig deeper, fan systems are usually more portable, easier to control and faster.

Advantages Behind Hydro Excavation

Before starting any building project, digging is an essential step. Traditional digging brings up some risks to existing utility lines and contractors alike. The traffic congestion linked to standard excavation is removed because hydro equipment can be placed a distance from the site. The increased accuracy decreases the risk of underground utility line damage that can be costly and time consuming to fix. Furthermore, it becomes safer for professionals using the equipment. All of this adds to the security of hydro excavation contractors and lowers liability rates.

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Five Star Septic has worked in Fairfax for over a decade with septic pumping, excavation and other services. Our family owned company has certification through the State of Virginia and DPOR along with bonding, insurance and licensure in addition. Discover what makes Five Star Septic so effective. Contact us for more about hydro excavation services.

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