Sewer Jetting and Vacuuming Trucks

The team at Five Star Septic in Sterling, Va is proficient in septic pumping, installations and transportation services. We have specialized sewer cleaning trucks that make cleaning pipes an easier, cleaner process. Cleanliness is our key focus, which is why we only use modern technology and gear to clear congested drains, pipes and sewer lines.

Septic tank pumping is recommended every 3-5 years minimum. For busy buildings with tanks smaller than 1,500 gallons in Sterling, we recommend visits more frequently. Even if you aren’t due for septic tank pumping, the Five Star Septic professionals are available for regular inspections. For property owners, maintaining a septic tank in good condition is required.

How Trucks Clean Sewer Lines

When we use one of our trucks to work on a sewer line, our professional team combines jetting and vacuuming procedures. Jetting implements a powerful water hose with a sewer jetting nozzle that releases debris from the pipe. Vacuuming removes dirt through a vacuuming system, and then solids and water are unloaded into a sludge tank.

Using Simultaneous Cleaning Methods

When jetting and vacuuming are concurrently performed, sewage cleaning becomes more efficient. Combination sewer cleaning trucks make it feasible for one specialist to run the jetter and vacuum hose, while the other individual stands upstream of the manhole to make sure that the hose is moving forward correctly. This individual will also see that the hose has reached the end of the manhole.

Advantages of Our Vac-Con Truck Service

Our specialized sewer trucks release water pressure of around 75 gallons per minute into the manhole. This water clears out all the debris lodged in the plumbing, everything from stones and bottles to grease, grime and muck. The air vacuuming system will then draw all the dislodged debris away and force it into disposal bins.

If both systems cooperate, clearing out sewer systems becomes more effective. The progressive sewer cleaning equipment in our trucks is designed to serve as vacuum excavators. The trucks can transport underground cables and pipes to the surface and also function for street flushing, chemical and water-spraying services. Our trucks can even be used as transfer pumps.

Five Star Septic’s experienced staff will always be available to man these sewer cleaning trucks and ensure that the work is carried out in a controlled fashion. We meticulously assess all cleaning needs and then sensibly complete them. When you contact us for regular sewer cleaning, it guarantees an ecologically friendly community in Sterling, Va. Unobstructed sewer lines reduce the possibilities of illnesses spreading or clogged pipes bursting.

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