Storm Sewer

Five Star Septic of Sterling, Va

Rain is very normal across Va. With showers most common during the transitional seasons municipalities and commercial properties need to maintain storm drains across Sterling to avoid contamination and overflowing. Five Star Septic is a family owned and managed company that provides the Sterling, Va area with quality septic and sanitation care.

Avoid Clogged Lines

Without storm sewers, our streets and sidewalks would be flooded with rain and groundwater after precipitation. The capacity of these drains range in ability and form across different areas. The differently sized storm drains all have different capacities, your residential area versus a nearby factory for example. Whatever size or location, these storm lines channel to nearby bodies of water.

The water that goes through our sewers, ends up in our natural resources. When abandoned, contaminants and debris gather in the storm line system and receiving waters. Remember, the water we consume, bathe and cook with across Sterling comes from these municipal water sources.

Even if you aren’t worried about the environment, blocked lines spill over, causing flooding on the surface we use every day in Sterling. When drains spill over, the water can quickly erode the pavement found in our roads and sidewalks. Clearing out storm drains lessens the debris and sand that settles at the bottom of these channels and reduces the ability to move storm water during the rains. Additionally, flat land like that seen in Sterling has difficulty moving any heavy streams of water away.

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You can depend on Five Star Septic to help your Sterling area home or business with storm line maintenance and more. Along with cleaning storm drains, our professionals can provide septic pumping, maintenance, jetting and plumbing help. Contact us today to get an evaluation and cleaning for the storm drains on your property or at your business.

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