Storm Sewer

Cleaning Storm Lines of Fairfax

Va gets lots of rain annually. With so much annual rainfall, it’s necessary to keep the storm systems well managed to avoid flooding and contamination. Five Star Septic is a family owned and managed company that provides the Fairfax region with the best septic and sanitation maintenance.

Reasons to Clean Your Storm Drains

Storm lines are made to carry away additional rain and standing water from the parking lots and roofs we use daily. Storm sewers aren’t exactly the same throughout Fairfax. For instance, storm lines found on your block probably look different from those close to a factory. No matter where the storm drain is located, they most often feed into rivers and stream nearby.

The rain that runs through the Fairfax sewers, ends up in our natural resources. When neglected, pollutants and trash gather in the storm drain system and receiving waters. Don’t forget, the water we drink and use in Fairfax comes from these public water sources.

These clogged lines still have an effect on you, whether you’re an environmentalist or not. All this groundwater eroades the pavement and lowers the usability of our roads. Cleaning out storm drains lessens the trash and silt that sits at the bottom of these channels and lowers the capacity to move storm water during the rains. More so, level land like that seen in Fairfax has a hard time pushing any heavy streams of rain away.

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You can rely on Five Star Septic to assist your Fairfax region residence or commercial property with storm drain maintenance and more. A few of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. Reach us now for an evaluation and cleaning for the storm lines on your property or at your commercial property.

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