Storm Sewer

Storm Lines around Great Falls, Va

Rain is quite normal around Great Falls. With all the rain we get each year, it’s crucial to keep the storm systems well maintained to prevent flooding and pollution. How long has it been since your storm drains were checked? Call Five Star Septic today. Our locally owned and operated business serves the Great Falls, Va region.

Is Sewer Line Cleaning Necessary?

Storm lines are used to carry away excess precipitation and groundwater from the parking lots and roofs we use every day. The volume of these drains vary in size and shape across different areas. The differently sized storm drains all have different capacities, your residential area versus a nearby factory for example. No matter where a storm line is located, they most often flow into nearby rivers and streams.

The rain that goes through the Great Falls sewers, winds up in our natural resources. If neglected, contaminants and trash collect in the storm line system and receiving waters. In the end, the streams and lakes are the main supply for the water we use every day.

These clogged lines still have an effect on you, whether you’re an environmentalist or not. If clogged drains spill over, the groundwater can wear down the pavement that make up our roads and sidewalks. Cleaning out storm lines lessens the trash and sand that settles at the bottom of large channels and reduces the ability to move storm water during the rains. More so, level land like that seen in Great Falls has a hard time moving any large amounts of rain away.

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Five Star Septic serves the Great Falls region with effective storm line clearing services and more. Some of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. Contact us now to get an inspection and cleaning for any storm lines on your property or at your business.

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