Sewer Jetting and Vacuuming Trucks in Oakton, Va

At Five Start Septic, we are professionals in septic pumping, repairs, installations and plumbing services. Our certified sewer cleaning trucks make cleaning pipes a quicker, cleaner process. Sanitation is our central emphasis, which is why we only use modern technology and gear to unblock obstructed drains, pipes and sewer lines.

How Our Vacuum Trucks Work for Sewer Cleaning

When our team uses a truck to clean out a sewer line, our professional team uses a combination of two cleaning methods: jetting and vacuuming. Jetting is a process in which a high-pressure water hose with a sewer-jetting nozzle is placed into an unclean pipeline. High-pressure is then set free from the sewer jet truck to dislodge dirt and clear it away. Vacuuming extracts dirt through a vacuuming system, and then solids and water are dumped into a sludge tank.

Sewer Cleaning Truck Methods

When jetting and vacuuming are concurrently performed, this makes cleaning more efficient. Combination sewer cleaning trucks make it feasible for one person to operate the jetter and vacuum hose, while another stands upstream from the manhole to ensure that the hose is moving forward as it should. This individual will also make sure the hose has extended to the end of the manhole.

Benefits of Our Sewage Cleaning Trucks

Our effective sewer trucks issue water pressure of around 75 gallons per minute into the manhole. This water flushes out all the debris lodged in the pipe, everything from stones and bottles to grease, grime and muck. The air vacuuming system will then pull all the displaced dregs away and force it into disposal bins.

When both systems cooperate, cleaning sewer lines is more efficient. The advanced sewer cleaning machinery in our trucks is designed to act as vacuum excavators. The trucks can bring underground cables and pipes to the surface and also work for street flushing, chemical and water-spraying services. These can even be used as transfer pumps.

Five Star Septic’s experienced technicians will always be on hand to man these vac-con trucks and ensure that the work is carried out in an organized fashion. We carefully judge all cleaning needs and then sensibly complete them. When you call us for consistent sewer cleaning, it guarantees an environmentally safe community in Oakton, Va. Unobstructed sewer lines lessen the risks of diseases dispersing or clogged pipes erupting.


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