When winter is almost here, you have to do a lot of things to get your home and yard ready. Without proper preparation for winters, you will face a lot of problems. One of the most common problems that you might face are septic tank problems. This is why, while preparing for winters you should not ignore septic tank care. Cold weather can affect your septic tanks in various ways and hence must be properly maintained. A fully functional septic system will make your winters hassle-free.

In this blog our experts tell you some tips for taking care of your septic tank during the autumn season:

Grow Grass For Perfect Insulation
There is always a risk of frozen pipes bursting. Believe us when we say, you would not want your sewage pipe to burst. This is why it is important to provide proper insulation to your septic system to keep it warm. Long grass over the pipes, tanks, and leach field provides natural and adequate insulation that keeps the water flowing. Grass can help keep your septic system safe and running during cold weather.

Add Mulch Above Your Septic System
Adding a layer of straws or leaves to cover your septic system is a great way to insulate it. Straws and leaves help to trap the heat from the ground. However, you must do it while the weather is still warm. If the system is already frozen when you add mulch, you will be sealing the cold which might result in frozen pipes.

Fix Leaks
Make sure any leaks and drips in your home’s septic system are fixed as soon as possible. Small volumes of water freeze more quickly than large ones. A slow drip easily freezes in cold weather and clogs your pipes.

Conserve Water
Allowing too much water to flow down your drain is also bad for septic tank care. Too much water can overload the septic system. The drain field gets filled with too much water, making it difficult to process. With a lot of difficulty in processing, it is fairly evident that you will have to install a back up as well. Start water-conserving measures to reduce the risk of overload.

Use Hot Water
Make sure your septic system gets a dose of hot water each day. A regular and timely flow of hot water will keep your septic system warm. Take hot baths or showers, spread loads of laundry over multiple days and run your dishwasher as well to keep the pipes warm.

Your septic system can be prevented from freezing during winters. All it takes is a few adjustments to your yard and your daily routine. Call us if you want to learn more about various other ways to protect your septic system. Our experts at Five Star Septic are always at your service!