As a homeowner, have you ever had the misfortune of having a toilet that’s on the fritz? Many people have anxiety-induced problems that stem from worrying about potential toilet problems.

Like any other home appliance, your porcelain throne will encounter the occasional issue and need some do-it-yourself magic to get back in working order. If you need help getting started in keeping your toilet in working order, here are some helpful tips:

1. The Toilet is Clogged

One of the biggest anxiety-inducing scenarios for many people is thought of using the bathroom, flushing the toilet, and instead of watching the water flush away, it begins to rise. This is a good sign that you have clogged the toilet.

A clog can prevent your toilet from flushing all the way or at all, but you can usually remedy this issue using a plunger or a drain snake.

In most cases, all you need is a plunger to fix this problem. If you’ve never used a plunger, place the rubber piece of said plunger in the toilet and over the toilet drain. Begin plunging, softly at first, so you don’t splash water on the floor (or yourself) and then vigorously as you feel the airs escape the plunger. Stick with it, since unclogging the toilet may take a few minutes.

For more serious clogs, snaking the drain may be necessary. You could do this yourself, or you could call someone on our team who has the experience you can trust. If you go the DIY route, start by unwinding three to four feet of cable from the winding spindle and place the drain snake into the opening of the toilet bowl. After you insert the drain snake, turn the device clockwise, without forcing it. Once the drain snake comes in contact with the clog, wind the drain snake back and remove the debris.

2. The Toilet Flapper Needs to Be Replaced

If you’ve ever lifted the cover off the top of your toilet, you have seen the toilet flapper. Perfectly named, the toilet flapper is a small piece of rubber that opens up to let water out and flaps over the hole to keep water in the tank. Simple enough, right?

Replacing this part of your toilet is inexpensive and simple, even for someone with virtually no plumbing experience. Once you’ve bought the replacement flapper, turn off the water and drain your toilet’s tank before swapping the old with the new. It’s that easy!

3. The Toilet Lift Chain is Broken

The lift chain is the small chain that attaches the flapper to the handle on your toilet. However, if the lift chain has too much or too little slack, this causes your toilet to improperly flush. Give the handle on your toilet a tug to see if there is too much or too little resistance. If there is, all you need to do is adjust the length of the chain or might need to replace it.

4. The Toilet Doesn’t Have Enough Water

It seems pretty simple enough, but if your toilet doesn’t have the water that is needed, it won’t be able to flush properly. For toilets with a float ball in the tank, simply bend the arm of float ball up. This should raise the water level. For toilets with an intake assembly in the tank, locate the metal rod and slide the clip upwards until you reach the right water level.