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Hydro excavation services for Clifton, VA.

Also called water or vacuum digging, hydro excavation is a new method of excavation that is safer, faster and more affordable. This simple system uses pressurized water to move the ground without hurting subterranean cables and utility lines. Five Star Septic’s hydro excavation equipment combines a vacuum system with pressurized water to dig safely and quickly. Hydro excavation works year round, even during winter and poses less risk than traditional equipment.

How Hydro Excavation Works

With a high-pressure flow of water and a suction system, hydro excavation is a revolution in digging technology. The process starts when the water slices into the ground to dig ditches, canals and other spaces required to connect utility pipes and other underground structures. The lifted soil is collected with suction and lifted into a debris tank. The most common suction sources use positive displacement blowers or fan-based systems. Although positive displacement systems reach greater depths, fan systems are typically faster, easier and more portable.

Hydro Excavation Benefits

Before starting construction on any building, digging is a necessary step. Hydro excavation removes some of the problems involved with digging for construction. Hydro excavation technology causes less disruption to traffic because the machinery works at a distance from the site. The precision cutting also lowers the chances of damage to underground lines, which can be expensive and hard to repair. Additionally, it becomes safer for professionals using the machinery. This increase in safety and precision lowers costs for insurance and liability as well.

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