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Hydro excavation services for Fairfax, Virginia.

Also known as water or vacuum excavation, hydro excavation is the cutting edge method of excavation that is more affordable, faster and comes with fewer safety risks. This equipment accurately digs without being a threat to subterranean structures like sewers. Five Star Septic’s hydro excavation equipment combines pressurized water with a vacuum system to excavate accurately and quickly. Hydro excavation isn’t as risky as standard methods. It’s available year round, especially when the ground freezes.

The Hydro Excavation Process

With a pressurized stream of water and a vacuum system, hydro excavation is the newest in excavating methods. The pressurized water pushes the soil quickly enough to make impressions large enough to set the groundwork for underground utility lines. The soil moves and is collected with suction and lifted into a tank for debris. The two most widely used suction methods are positive displacement blowers or fan-based systems. Even though positive displacement systems can dig deeper, fan systems are typically faster, easier and more portable.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Digging is needed to lay sewage lines and subsurface utilities prior to construction on a new building. Traditional digging poses a number of dangers to other subterranean lines and contractors alike. The road blockage associated with standard excavation isn’t as significant with hydro excavation because the equipment can be moved a distance from the worksite. Damage to underground lines is less likely because of the precision hydro excavation offers. Additionally, work zones are safer for professionals using the equipment. All of this adds to safety for hydro excavation contractors and decreases liability rates.

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