Vacuum Excavation Contractors in Great Falls, VA

Also called water or vacuum digging, hydro excavation is cutting edge technology that makes digging safer, faster and more affordable. This system accurately excavates without posing a risk to subterranean structures such as utility lines or cables. Blending a pressurized stream of heated water and a vacuum system, Five Star Septic can excavate to your exact specifications. Hydro excavation isn’t as invasive as traditional technology. It also works all year, especially during the winter when the ground is frozen.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

With a strong flow of water and a powerful suction system, hydro excavation is a revolution in digging methods. The pressurized water pushes the soil quickly enough to create canals, ditches or holes big enough to set installing underground structures. The lifted soil is collected by a vacuum and lifted into a debris tank. Positive displacement blowers and fan-based systems are the most common kinds of suction methods used by water excavation contractors. Even though positive displacement systems reach greater depths, fan systems are typically faster, easier and more portable.

Advantages With Hydro Excavation

Excavation is needed to set up sewage lines and utility channels prior to construction on a new project. Water excavation removes a few of the dangers involved with laying construction. The road blockage linked to traditional methods isn’t as significant with hydro excavation because the equipment can be placed away from the worksite. The precision cutting decreases the risk of damage to underground lines which can be costly and hard to reverse. Furthermore, it becomes safer for contractors using the equipment. Such an increase in safety and precision drops costs for insurance and liability additionally.

We Serve Great Falls

Five Star Septic has worked in Great Falls for over a decade with septic pumping, excavation and additional services. All our professionals are highly qualified and have certification from the State of Virginia and DPOR. Reach out to us today to learn more about hydro excavation from Five Star Septic.

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