Leesburg, Virginia Vacuum Excavation Contractors


Hydro excavation services for Leesburg, VA.

Also called water or vacuum digging, hydro excavation is a cutting edge method of excavation that is safer, faster and more affordable. This system can accurately dig without being a threat to subterranean structures such as sewers. Blending a powerful stream of warm water and a vacuum system, Five Star Septic can excavate to your needed specifications. Hydro excavation is available all year, even during winter and is less invasive than standard methods.

The Hydro Excavation Process

With a strong flow of water and an industrial suction system, hydro excavation is the newest in digging methods. The stream slices into the soil to dig impressions necessary to connect sewer pipes or additional subterranean structures. The lifted soil is collected by a vacuum and placed into a tank for debris. Fan-based systems and positive displacement blowers are the most popular types of vacuum sources used by hydro excavation contractors. Although positive displacement systems can dig deeper, fan systems are usually more portable, easier to control and faster.

Hydro Excavation Advantages

Excavation is necessary to lay groundwork and subsurface utilities prior to construction on a new project. Standard digging brings up some dangers to existing subterranean lines and contractors alike. The road blockage associated with standard excavation is removed because hydro equipment can be moved a distance from the worksite. The precision cutting decreases the risk of damage to underground lines which can be costly and time consuming to repair. Additionally, work zones are safer for professionals using the equipment. Such an increase in safety and precision drops costs for insurance and liability additionally.

We Serve Leesburg

Since 2001, Five Star Septic has provided the Leesburg area with services such as excavation, septic pumping and more. Each of our contractors is licensed, insured and bonded, along with certification from the State of Virginia and DPOR. Talk to us today to learn more about hydro excavation from Five Star Septic.