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Also called water or vacuum excavation, hydro excavation is an increasingly popular technology that makes excavation more affordable, faster and comes with fewer safety risks. This system accurately digs without posing a risk to underground structures like utility lines and cables. Combining a pressurized stream of heated water and a vacuum system, Five Star Septic can dig as deeply or as shallowly as needed. Hydro excavation isn’t as dangerous as old digging methods. It’s available year around, especially when the ground is frozen.

How Hydro Excavation Works

Hydro excavation combines a high-pressure stream of water with an industrial suction system. The process starts when the stream cuts into the ground to form impressions needed to connect utility lines and other underground structures. Once the mud is removed, it’s moved into a debris tank by the vacuum. Positive displacement blowers and fan-based systems are the most common types of suction methods employed by hydro excavation contractors. Although positive displacement systems reach greater depths, fan systems are often faster, easier and more portable.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Before starting any construction project, excavation is an essential step. Water excavation removes some of the dangers that come with digging for construction. The road blockage associated with standard methods is removed because hydro equipment can be moved a distance from the worksite. The precision cutting decreases the risk of damage to underground lines which can be costly and hard to fix. Additionally, it becomes safer for professionals controlling the equipment. All of this adds to safety for hydro excavation contractors and decreases liability costs.

We Serve McLean

Five Star Septic served McLean since 2001 with excavation, septic pumping and other services. Each of our contractors are highly qualified and have certification from the State of Virginia and DPOR. Reach out to us today to learn more about hydro excavation from Five Star Septic.

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