Oakton, VA Hydro Excavation Contractors

Also called water or vacuum excavation, hydro excavation is cutting edge technology that makes excavation safer, faster and more affordable. This equipment accurately excavates without potential risks to underground structures like sewers. Combining a powerful stream of heated water and a pumping system, Five Star Septic can dig as deeply or as shallowly as needed. Hydro excavation is available year round, even when the ground is frozen and is less invasive than standard equipment.

How Hydro Excavation Works

With a strong flow of water and a powerful suction system, hydro excavation is the newest in excavating methods. The pressurized water pushes the soil quickly enough to dig impressions large enough to set installing new utility lines. As soon as the dirt has been lifted, it’s moved to a collection tank with suction. Fan-based systems and positive displacement blowers are the most popular types of suction methods employed by hydro excavation contractors. Fan systems generally are quicker, easier to control and are easier to move while positive displacement systems can dig deeper.

Hydro Excavation Benefits

Before starting construction on any building, excavation is an essential step. Hydro excavation decreases some of the dangers involved with digging for utilities. The road blockage linked to standard methods isn’t as significant with hydro excavation because the equipment can be moved a distance from the site. The increased accuracy also lowers the chances of damage to underground lines which can be expensive and time consuming to reverse. Furthermore, it becomes safer for contractors operating the machinery. This increase in safety and accuracy drops insurance and liability costs additionally.

We Serve Oakton

Five Star Septic has worked in Oakton since 2001 providing excavation, septic pumping and additional services. Our family owned company has certification through the State of Virginia and DPOR paired with licensure, bonding and insurance in addition. Talk to us today to learn more about hydro excavation from Five Star Septic.

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