Vienna, VA Vacuum Excavation Services

Also known as water or vacuum digging, hydro excavation is an increasingly popular technology that makes digging more affordable, faster and comes with fewer safety risks. This simple system uses highly pressurized water to cut through soil without harming subterranean structures. Five Star Septic’s hydro excavation equipment pairs pressurized water with a vacuum system to dig precisely and quickly. Hydro excavation works all year, even during winter and poses less risk than standard equipment.

The Hydro Excavation Process

Hydro excavation combines a strong vacuum with a pressurized stream of water. The pressurized stream cuts the soil quickly enough to make impressions deep enough to lay groundwork for underground structures. The lifted soil is gathered by a vacuum and placed into a debris tank. The most common vacuum methods use positive displacement blowers or fan-based systems. While positive displacement systems reach greater depths, fan systems are usually more portable, easier to control and faster.

Advantages Behind Hydro Excavation

When starting any construction project, digging is an essential step. Hydro excavation removes a few of the problems involved with digging for utilities. Hydro digging technology results in less road congestion because the machinery can be placed away from the worksite. The high accuracy also lowers the chances of damage to underground lines which can be expensive and hard to repair. Additionally, work zones are safer for contractors controlling the machinery. All of this boosts the security of hydro excavation contractors and decreases insurance costs.

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