It is common knowledge that storm sewers are there to regulate stormwater. This flooding of water can happen either due to heavy rain or melting of snow. Anyone with a home understands how indispensable these sewer channels are to our communities.
In the event of rain or snow, the ground fails to soak up all the water immediately, resulting in water accumulation on the ground. The standing water can pose a serious threat to both your health and property. This is where storm sewers come in! They take in stormwater in no time at all, allowing us to resume our life immediately after bad weather!

Where Are These Storm Sewer Structures Exactly Located?

You might have noticed these concrete storm sewer structures running discreetly underneath our streets. Look for metal grates that can either be found on the streets or on the sides of curbs and gutters that are passages for water to flow into the storm sewer structures. And when these structures are installed as interstate systems, they are often concealed behind embankments. In most instances, the only components discernible are curb inlets, catch basins, and street gutters.

Why Is A Storm Sewer Important?

Draining water is required for our comfort!

Storm sewer structures are built primarily to mitigate runoff of melted snow or rainwater into our lawns, streets, and other areas. This powerful system is capable of draining thousands of gallons of stormwater and transporting it into open water bodies. By swiftly clearing streets and other regions of excessive water, it helps maintain smooth traffic and prevent soil and grass from becoming soggy. This will also save you from the effects of standing water such as slippery streets and grassy areas, damaged greenery of your lawn, and mosquitoes’ growth.

Draining water is required for our buildings!

Thanks to these storm sewer systems’ ability to quickly wash down excess water to other areas, it does not let standing water inflict any harm on our properties. When water is left standing for a significantly long time, it begins to rot and eventually weakens the structure and foundation of your properties. However, with storm sewer systems doing their job, homeowners need not concern themselves with such problems.

Draining water is required, especially in urban and suburban areas!

If you live in any built-up areas where most structures are of concrete, storm sewer systems are something you cannot do without! With most of the area covered with concrete buildings, this leaves less space for the water to get absorbed into the ground. Hence, with well-maintained storm drainage systems in place, you can leave all your worries to it. The water will divert into the channels of these systems and will further be taken away to more appropriate places. This detour of water will prevent it from seeking its old path into the ground that would cause damage to roadways and other neighboring areas.

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