Five Star Septic can Take Care of Your Pipe Problem

A slow flowing sewer drain – or worse yet, a backup of wastewater – is one of the most unpleasant crises a homeowner ever has to encounter. The moment you notice issues that could indicate a problem with your sewer line, start looking for the problem. If it’s beyond your field of knowledge, call a Five Star Septic pro. If you wait, you will regret it down the line. Here are some of the indications you should be watchful for:

  • You can smell sewage in your yard
  • Sewage smell is coming out of a drain in the house
  • Dishwasher wastewater shows up in the sink
  • Sewer water travels up the bathtub drain
  • Sinks and bathtubs drain more slowly than usual

What to Expect When Your Clifton Sewer Line Misbehaves

Among the most frequent causes of sewer main blockage is root infiltration. Tree roots can invade pipes, slowly but surely putting pressure on pipes and then growing their way into cracks. If even very small roots can make their way into joints, they can create a wall that collects material until the sewer line comes to a complete stop. They can also increase in size, gradually causing cracks in the line. There are not many experiences that are more unpleasant than dealing with a sewer line break on your yard.

Less-common sewer-main crises that you may face:

  • Buildup of oil, grease, or hair
  • Pipe collapses
  • Badly aligned pipes
  • Backups caused by solid objects

If you have any backflow at all – into sinks, bathtubs, or even toilets – the best way to proceed is to stop all running water until the problem is identified and fixed. Otherwise, you risk serious flooding.

No Pipe Problem in Virginia is Outside of Five Star Septic’s Expertise

A few last things to keep in mind when you are addressing your sewer line problems:

  • Check whether your property insurance pays for sewer pipe line labor. Usually the damage has to be proven to be an accident, as well as a sudden incidence of damage (as opposed to gradual wear and tear on your sewer pipes). Take pictures as you or one of our experts find the problem so that you have evidence to provide to your insurance agent.
  • While you’re making updates to your sewer line, consider installing a “trenchless” sewer line if you haven’t already. This innovative technology makes it easy for plumbers to take out an internal lining from your sewer pipe for repair, then slide it back into the line without damaging fencing or landscaping.

Five Star Septic can take care of your pipes without breaking the bank. Our licensed plumbers are on the job. Contact Five Star Septic now for pipe services!

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