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Sewage backups and breakages are one of the most unsettling problems homeowners will ever face. If have reasons to suspect that there might be a problem with your sewer main, it’s crucial to address the issue right away before it gets worse. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • You can smell sewage in your yard
  • The stench of sewage is coming from any of your drains
  • Wastewater from the dishwasher comes up into the sink
  • Sewage travels up the bathtub drain
  • Sinks and other drains drain slowly

The Most Likely Sewer Problems in Vienna

Among the most common reasons for sewer main backups is root infiltration. Tree roots can invade pipes, gradually placing pressure on pipes and then working their way into seams. If even tiny roots can make their way into joints, they can create a wall that builds up material until the system comes to a complete stop. They can then continue to grow, over time causing breaks in the main. Few things are more unpleasant than having a sewer line break on your property.

  • Less-frequent sewer-main issues that crop up:
  • Buildup of oil, grease, or hair
  • Pipe collapses
  • Poorly aligned pipes
  • Backups caused by large objects

If you have any backflow at all – into sinks, bathtubs, or even toilets – the best thing to do is to stop using water until it’s diagnosed and fixed. If you keep letting water pour down the drain, you risk serious flooding.

Five Star Septic Can Fix Any Residential Sewer Issue in Virginia

A few final tips to keep in mind while dealing with your sewer main problems:

  • If you have an older sewer main, ask for an estimate to replace your entire line. Depending on what it is you need done, it might not be that much more expensive than the fix you are currently facing and will save you major costs later on. Modern plumbing technology is better at resisting root infiltration and general pipe aging.
  • Check what proportion of the sewer line cost is your responsibility and how much of it is Vienna’s. The sewer line beneath your property belongs to you, but past the Y-joint leading to the city sewer main, it’s the city that should foot the bill.

Five Star Septic of Vienna, VA, can clean out your sewer without breaking the bank. Our professional plumbers are ready to work. Contact Five Star Septic today for pipe services!

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