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Sewage backups and breakages are one of the least-fun problems homeowners will ever face. If have reasons to suspect that there may be something wrong with your sewer line, it’s vital to address the issue immediately before something much worse occurs. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Your yard smells like wastewater
  • Sewage stench is coming from a drain in the house
  • Wastewater from the dishwasher backs up into the sink
  • Wastewater travels up the bathtub drain
  • Toilets and bathtubs empty more slowly than usual

What Might Be Wrong When Your Sterling Sewer Line Acts Out

Among the most common causes of sewer pipe clogs is root overgrowth. Tree roots can infiltrate pipes, slowly but surely putting pressure on pipes and then growing their way into seams. If even very little roots can make their way between joints, they can create a wall that collects material until the flow comes to a complete stop. They can then continue to increase in size, gradually causing cracks in the pipe. There are not many experiences that are more disgusting than dealing with a sewer line break on your property.

  • Less-frequent sewer-pipe crises that crop up:
  • Grease buildup
  • Pipe collapses
  • Badly aligned pipes
  • Backups created by large items

If you have any backflow at all – into sinks, bathtubs, or even toilets – the best thing to do is to stop using water until the problem is identified and fixed. Otherwise, you risk serious flooding.

Five Star Septic Can Solve Any Household Sewer Emergency in Virginiaa

A few last things to keep in mind while dealing with your sewer pipe problems:

  • Check whether your home insurance pays for sewer pipe line labor. Usually, the problem has to be proven to be an accident, as well as a sudden incidence of damage (as opposed to gradual wear on your sewer main). Take pictures as you or your plumber uncover the problem so that you have evidence to show your insurance company.
  • Check how much of the sewer line work is your responsibility and how much of it is Sterling’s. The sewer line underneath your property belongs to you, but past the Y-joint that leads to the city sewer main, it’s the city that should foot the bill.

Five Star Septic of Sterling, VA, can take care of your pipes without breaking the bank. Our licensed plumbers are ready to work. Contact Five Star Septic now for pipe services!

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