Have you ever thought about how one small step can help in making a positive change in the environment? Pollution is at a critical level and our world is deteriorating at a speed which keeps on increasing. As far as the damage to our environment is concerned, we can still turn it around.

Septic tanks, if left unchecked, are a major environmental concern. A monthly check-up of the tanks keeps the threat at bay and ensures a better environment. Who could have thought that septic cleaning can be performed in an eco-friendly manner as well?

Why Should Septic Tanks Be Cleaned Using Green Ways?
Cleaning the septic tanks helps to avoid health issues for us. But, doing it the green way ensures that we are working in a direction to sustain our environment as well. This will help us and our future generations lead a healthy life.

How Do You Clean Septic Tanks In A Green Way?

By Not Dumping Solid Wastes Into The Garbage Disposal
If you dump a lot of solid waste in the garbage disposal, it increases the danger of solid wastes inside the tanks. This might result in solids and grease in the system. Solid items must be properly disposed of so that they can be recycled if required. Things you should never put down your garbage disposal are oatmeal, nuts, onion skins, egg shells and potato peels.

By Not Dumping Chemicals Into The Septic Tank
By draining paint solvents, floor cleaners, drain cleaners, and other chemicals into the septic tank, a lot of damage can be caused to the soil. Also, the risk of groundwater getting contaminated rises. The chemicals sometimes react with gases in the tank and form poisonous gases which can be very harmful. Thus, chemicals must be dumped separately to ensure a clean septic tank.

By Not Flushing Trash In The Toilets
As the name suggests, trash bins are there for disposing of trash. Flushing trash into toilets contaminates the septic tanks with waste that is not easy to decompose. Thus, it contaminates the soil and groundwater. Also, excess water is required to flush out the trash. These items such as cigarette butts, tampons, and disposable diapers must be disposed of separately.

Recycle The Waste
Recycling has many environmental benefits and is highly recommended. Usage of treated and decomposed waste as compost helps to increase land fertility. Continuous recycling of waste helps to keep the septic tank clean and helps in ensuring a sustainable environment.

These are crucial times and the environment must be taken care of. It is not too late to save our precious planet. One small step can make a big change!
Using the green way to clean septic tanks could be that step. It will help with water conservation, fertile land and most importantly a better place to live for our future generations.

It would be our pleasure to help you take this small step. Contact Five Star Septic and we will take that step for a better future together!