What is a septic tank?

Septic tanks are underground, watertight structures that contain and eliminate waste. In order to dispose of water, these vessels use both nature and technology. The system removes wastewater generated from laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen drains.

Liquid and solid waste are disposed of through multiple pipes buried in a leach field. These pipes will discharge liquids into soil or surface. Septic tanks are commonly used in areas that don’t have centralized sewer systems, such as rural areas.

How long do septic systems last?

If maintained, septic tanks will eliminate waste from your household indefinitely. Septic tanks are known to last forty years and beyond. Unfortunately, septic tanks can fail prematurely if not cared for properly. Common issues include plumbing blockage, structural problems or deterioration and clogged drainfields. A clogged drainfield is the most costly repair and must be changed immediately.

How often will my septic tank have to be checked?

Septic tank maintenance should occur at least every three years, including septic tank pumping. However, a full septic tank service should happen more often if you suspect there’s something wrong. Here are the warning signs that point to septic tank failure:

  • Gurgling noises
  • Slow drainage
  • Plumbing back ups
  • Bad aroma indoors or outdoors or both
  • New grass growth around a septic tank
  • Pooling water around the drainfield or septic tank

Call a professional

Call a professional if your septic tank shows any of the warning signs. At Five Star Septic, we provide quality septic tank maintenance to anyone in the Clifton area. We’re equipped to do anything from septic tank cleaning to pumping and everything in between. Call Five Star septic today to get capable care of your septic tank.

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