Groundwater Remediation Services for Fairfax Station, VA

Five Star Septic is a professional groundwater remediation company providing the Fairfax Station, VA, area with contamination solutions. Fertilizers, pesticides, or industrial spills can cause pollution that seeps into your property’s groundwater and make it unfit to be used. It’s important to hire groundwater remediation technicians that are trained to remove pollutants and restore clean water to your home or business. Whether you use dug wells and boreholes to extract drinking water or you’re in the agriculture industry, groundwater contamination presents health risks that should be addressed as soon as possible. Trust our dedicated technicians to provide excellent contaminated groundwater treatment.

Contaminated Groundwater Treatment

Water pollution can occur because of human developments that alter the ecosystem, or sometimes it’s a natural disaster that disrupts the flow of things. In either scenario, our groundwater remediation company has the workforce and industrial-grade tools to effectively handle the problem and give you the results you seek. Before the issue gets worse, you’re encouraged to consult with a service professional who can advise you on the importance of contaminated groundwater treatment. When you have an expert weighing in on the condition of your property’s groundwater, you can make a more informed decision.

The following are some of the strategies we use in Fairfax Station, VA, for groundwater remediation:

  • Physical Remediation: Through a method called sparging, air is blown into the ground and rises as bubbles to the surface where it releases pollutants. Another way is to pump and treat groundwater and filter it through biological or chemical means.
  • Biological Treatment: Microorganisms are introduced into the ground in an action called inoculation, which degenerates the harmful contaminants.
  • Chemical Restoration: Pollutant molecules are broken up with liquid or gas chemical oxidation processes. Chemical precipitation, ion exchange and carbon absorption remove heavy metals from the groundwater.

Decontaminate Your Groundwater Today

If you’re dealing with groundwater contamination on your property in Fairfax Station, VA, allow our technicians to inspect the problem and provide exceptional treatments. Five Star Septic crew members are knowledgeable and dependable service professionals who have worked in the field for many years. Get in touch with our staff at 703-716-0707 to request a free quote on contaminated groundwater treatments.