Contaminated Groundwater Company in Great Falls, VA

If your property has contaminated groundwater it can mean that pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides or industrial spills have caused it to become unusable. The professional technicians at Five Star Septic Inc. can provide groundwater remediation services for your Great Falls, VA, home or business. Through the advent of a few different techniques, contaminated groundwater treatments are so effective they can remove pollutants and restore its usability. This is especially important for farmers who need to irrigate their crops or for those who retrieve drinking water from the ground via boreholes or dug wells. Our qualified technicians are trained and experienced in providing thorough groundwater contamination cleanup work.

Groundwater Remediation Services

Our groundwater remediation company is knowledgeable about the ways in which human activities and natural occurrences can cause water to become contaminated. We also have vast amounts of first-hand experience treating water with the most modern tools and procedures in the industry. There are various ways to perform contaminated groundwater treatments and our technicians can advise you as to which is most beneficial for you. Our goal is to safely clean up the water on your property and bring it back to a serviceable condition.

These are some of the strategies we might use for groundwater remediation in Great Falls, VA:

  • Physical Treatments: Pump and treat techniques extract water from the ground and subject it to a biological or chemical treatment process. Whereas air sparging involves blowing air into the ground and getting rid of pollutants as they come in contact with rising air bubbles. Other physical treatments could include using a vacuum or oil-skimming machine for contaminated groundwater treatment.
  • Biological Processes: Inoculation, or the introduction of microorganisms, is used to degrade the groundwater contamination. Organic methods increase biological activity in the water and soil to reduce petroleum levels. Planting certain types of trees can also help to absorb pollutants like arsenic, mercury or selenium.
  • Chemical Remediation: Heavy metals can be stripped from water through the use of chemical precipitation, ion exchange or carbon absorption. Chemical oxidation is another way that molecules can be broken up via liquid or gas means.

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Five Star Septic is the groundwater remediation company with the expertise you need to get the job done right. If you’re in the Great Falls, VA, area, get in touch with our experienced team for contaminated groundwater treatment services. Call us today at 703-716-0707 for more information.