Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Services in McLean, VA

Pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and industrial spills will often contaminate your groundwater. If your property in McLean, VA, has experienced exposure to these things, your groundwater could be unusable. Five Star Septic can help by providing contaminated groundwater treatment services for your residential or commercial property in the McLean area. Through the use of effective practices and techniques, our groundwater treatments can remove pollutants from the water and restore it so that it can be used again. Groundwater remediation is especially important and useful for the agricultural industry or for those who get their drinking water from boreholes or wells. You can rely on the trained and experienced technicians from Five Star Septic to clean your groundwater in McLean, VA.

Groundwater Remediation

As a groundwater remediation company, our expert technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about the ways in which groundwater gets contaminated. This means they can figure out the source of the problem for you and resolve it. Five Star Septic has many years of experience treating groundwater by using modern tools and technologies. We know about the different ways to treat your water and we can lend a helping hand and advise you on which treatment service will be most beneficial to you. Our objective always remains the same: remove the contaminants in a safe manner so that your water is good to use again.

Here are a few of the strategies we use to remove the contaminants from your groundwater in McLean, VA:

  • Physical Treatments: This includes pump-and-treat, air sparging, vacuum or oil skimming machines.
  • Biological Treatments: Introducing microorganisms can be used to degrade your groundwater contamination. Planting trees can also help. They can absorb pollutants.
  • Chemical Treatments: Chemical oxidation can break up molecules and make them easier to remove.

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