Contaminated Groundwater Treatment in Oakton, VA

Contaminated groundwater can be an issue for your property in Oakton, VA. When groundwater becomes contaminated, it typically contains pesticides, fertilizers or industrial spills that make it unusable. The expert groundwater remediation technicians from Five Star Septic will test and evaluate your groundwater to make sure it is safe to use for your home or business. With our time-tested techniques, you’ll be sure that your contaminated groundwater will be treated effectively by eliminating all the pollutants and be usable again. Water treatments can be especially helpful for farmers who irrigate crops or for individuals who get their water through wells or boreholes. The technicians at Five Star Septic are trained and qualified to handle your water treatment in Oakton, VA.

How We Treat Groundwater

As a groundwater remediation company, our team understands the ways in which humans and natural causes can lead to contaminated groundwater. In addition, we have years of experience treating people’s water by using the most advanced equipment and professional methods. There are a variety of ways to conduct a contaminated groundwater procedure and our expert technicians will advise you on the best course of action. It is our objective to clean up the water on your property in a safe manner so that it is usable again.

The main services we provide for contaminated groundwater remediation in Oakton, VA, consist of:

  • Physical Treatments: We’ll pump the water and treat it with either a biological or chemical treatment procedure. Another process we do is air sparging. What this technique involves is blowing air into the ground. This will get rid of pollutants when they come in contact with the rising air bubbles. Some other physical treatments we conduct consist of using a vacuum of oil-skimming machine.
  • Biological Processes: Introducing microorganisms, or inoculation, is also used in groundwater remediation. This organic method will increase the biological activity in the water and soil, which will help reduce petroleum levels. Planting trees can help too. Trees will help absorb contaminants like selenium, arsenic and mercury.
  • Chemical Remediation: Heavy metals can be removed through the use of ion exchange, carbon absorption or chemical precipitation. Another way molecules can be broken up is through chemical oxidation.

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