Storm and Sewer Drain Cleaning for Fairfax Station, VA


Five Star Septic Inc. can offer effective storm draining services to Fairfax Station, VA.

Residents of Fairfax Station, VA are used to large amounts of rainfall throughout the year. Although heavy rainfall occurs mostly in the spring and autumn, it’s important to make sure that all storm drains are maintained all year round. If it’s been a while since you’re storm drains have been checked, it might be time to call a professional. Let Five Star Septic Inc. handle it.

Five Star Septic Inc. was founded by Aaron Goins, a man who believes in the value of hard work. Because he started learning about the Septic trade at sixteen, he is a very experienced and reliable expert in the field. Five Star Septic Inc. opened in 2001, and has a proud history of successfully servicing the citizens of Fairfax.

While storm sewers might be the last thing on your mind, it is important for you to have regularly scheduled storm sewer cleanings. You might never realize how important your storm drains are until they become backed up. If left unchecked, storm drains could be putting pollutants and trash into Fairfax Station’s water systems. It’s also important to keep the water in our sewer systems clean, because it is released into our local water sources.

Let the experts at Five Star Septic Inc. help you out. Our professionals have the experience to clean out any clogged storm drains or sewer system quickly and efficiently. And because we suggest you get your storm drains cleaned regularly, we are more than ready to become your go-to storm drain cleaning service.

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