Saving Storm Lines around Fairfax, VA

If you live in Virginia, you’re probably used to lots of rain. With so much annual rainfall, it’s important to keep the drainage systems well maintained to avoid pooling water and pollution. Has it been long since your storm sewers were cleaned? Reach out to Five Star Septic today. Our family owned and operated business serves the Fairfax, VA area.

Reasons to Clean Your Storm Lines

If it weren’t for storm sewers, our parking lots and sidewalks would be covered in rain and groundwater after precipitation. There are storm lines of various sizes across Fairfax. For instance, storm lines found on your block likely look different from those near a factory. No matter scale or placement, these storm lines flow to rivers and streams nearby.

The water that channels below Fairfax runs into our local water sources, so it’s crucial to keep the storm lines clean. Frequent cleaning reduces the risk of pollutants, garbage and debris both in the sewer drain system and in local waters. Don’t forget, the water we consume, bathe and cook with across Fairfax comes from these public water sources.

Even if you aren’t worried about local water sources, blocked lines spill over, leading to floods on the surface we use every day in Fairfax. If clogged drains back up, the groundwater can quickly erode the concrete that make up our roads and sidewalks. Cleaning out storm lines lessens the trash and silt that sits at the bottom of these channels and reduces the capacity to move storm water when it rains. Additionally, flat areas of Virginia like Fairfax need close attention because the land lacks the elevation to push heavy flows of water away.

Reach Us Today

You can rely on Five Star Septic to assist your Fairfax area residence or commercial property with storm line clearing and more. Some of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. To ensure any storm lines near your residence are clear of debris, contact us today for an inspection.

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