Five Star Septic in Great Falls

Precipitation is quite common around Great Falls. With all the rain we get each year, it’s crucial to keep the storm lines well managed to avoid flooding and contamination. Five Star Septic is a family owned and operated company that provides the Great Falls area with effective septic and sanitation maintenance.

Why Clean Storm Sewers?

Storm sewers are designed to carry away additional rain and groundwater from the streets and roofs we use every day. The capacity of these sewers range in size and form across different areas. The drains in a residential area will be different than the ones around an industrial area, for example. Anywhere storm lines are found, they commonly feed into the area’s bodies of water.

The rain that runs through the Great Falls sewers, ends up in our local water sources. Frequent maintenance lowers the amount of contaminants, garbage and debris both in the storm drain infrastructure and in local bodies of water. Don’t forget, the water we drink and use across Great Falls comes from these municipal water sources.

Even if you aren’t concerned about the environment, blocked lines spill over, causing flooding on the surface we walk on every day in Great Falls. When clogged drains back up, the water can wear down the concrete found in our roads and sidewalks. Clearing out storm drains lowers the debris and silt that settles at the bottom of large channels and lowers the capacity to move storm water when it rains. More so, flat land like that seen in Great Falls has difficulty pushing any large amounts of rain away.

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Five Star Septic serves the Great Falls area with effective storm line maintenance work and more. Some of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. To ensure any storm lines around your home are clear of trash, talk to us today for an inspection.

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