Protecting Storm Drains of McLean

Virginia gets plenty of precipitation annually. With showers most common during the spring and fall municipalities and businesses need to clean storm sewers throughout McLean to avoid pollution and flooding. How long has it been since your storm sewers were cleaned? Call Five Star Septic today. Our locally owned and operated business serves the McLean region.

Why Clean Storm Sewers?

We need storm lines to remove rain from public streets and sidewalks. The volume of these lines vary in ability and shape from place to place. For example, storm sewers found in your neighborhood likely look different from those around a factory. Regardless of the scale or placement, these storm sewers flow to rivers and streams nearby.

The rain that goes through the McLean sewers, winds up in our natural resources. When neglected, contaminants and debris gather in the storm line system and receiving waters. In the end, the rivers and lakes are the main supply for the water we drink every day.

These clogged sewers still have an effect on you, even if you aren’t an environmentalist. All this water erodes the pavement and lowers the usability of our sidewalks. Cleaning out storm drains reduces the debris and sand that sits at the bottom of these channels and reduces the capacity to move storm water during the rains. More so, level areas like that seen in McLean has a hard time pushing these heavy streams of rain away.

Reach Five Star Septic Today

You can count on Five Star Septic to help your McLean region residence or commercial property with storm line clearing and more. A few of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. To ensure the storm sewers near your residence are clear of trash, reach us now to get an inspection.

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