Storm Drain Sanitation in Oakton

If you live in Virginia, you’re probably used to plenty of rain. We get the most rainfall in warm months and fall, making it beneficial to clean out the storm systems to avoid pollution and flooding. Five Star Septic is a family owned and operated business that provides the Oakton area with the best septic and sanitation care.

Is Sewer Line Cleaning Necessary?

We need storm drains to remove groundwater from our roads and sidewalks. You can see storm drains of various sizes throughout Oakton. Storm lines around a residential area tend to look different and have a different capacity than those around a factory, for example. Regardless of the size or location, these storm sewers flow to nearby bodies of water.

The rain that goes through our sewers, winds up in our local water sources. Routine cleaning reduces the amount of pollutants, garbage and debris both in the storm drain system and in local bodies of water. In the end, the rivers and lakes are the main source for the water we use every day.

Even if you aren’t concerned about local water sources, clogged sewers overflow, causing floods on the surface we use every day in Oakton. All this water wears down the pavement and degrades the quality of our roads. Over time, trash and sand collect in these drains and lower the capacity to move runoff water during rain. Furthermore, flat areas of Virginia such as Oakton require regular cleaning because the land lacks the elevation to move heavy flows of rain away.

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You can rely on Five Star Septic to help your Oakton area home or business with storm line maintenance and more. Several of our services include septic maintenance, jetting and plumbing. Reach us today for an inspection and cleaning for any storm drains on your property or at your business.

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