Storm Sewer Sanitation around Vienna, VA

Precipitation is quite normal across Va. With rain seen mostly during the transitional seasons, municipalities and commercial properties need to maintain storm lines across Vienna to avoid pollution and flooding. Has it been long since your storm sewers were checked? Contact Five Star Septic today. Our family owned and operated company serves the Vienna, Va area.

Why Clean Storm Lines?

Storm lines are used to carry away additional rain and groundwater from the streets and sidewalks we use daily. You can see storm lines of different sizes across Vienna. Storm lines around a neighborhood tend to be different than the ones around a factory, for example. Wherever the storm drain is located, they typically feed into nearby rivers and streams.

The water that flows under Vienna runs into our local water sources, so it’s crucial to keep these lines clear. Routine maintenance reduces the amount of contaminants, trash and debris both in the sewer drain infrastructure and in local waters. Remember, the water we consume and use across Vienna starts in these municipal water sources.

Clogged drains are bad for our environment and they can damage surface infrastructure throughout Vienna if abandoned. If clogged drains spill over, the water can wear down the concrete that make up our roads and sidewalks. Cleaning out storm lines lowers the trash and silt that settles at the bottom of large channels and reduces the ability to move storm water when it rains. Furthermore, flat areas of Va like Vienna require special cleaning because the land is too level to push high volumes of water away.

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Five Star Septic helps the Vienna area with effective storm drain clearing work and more. In addition to cleaning storm drains, our professionals can provide septic pumping, maintenance, jetting and plumbing services. To be sure any storm lines around your home are clear of debris, talk to us now for an inspection.

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