Winter is not that far away. Before the cold snap appears, make sure your landscape is ready with these helpful tips.

The words “landscape care” usually prompt images of spring preparation and summer maintenance, but winterizing your landscape in the fall time is equally important. For your landscape to be healthy and ready to revive in the spring, proper steps need to be taken in the autumn months to ensure that the winter doesn’t get the best of your beautiful yard that you put your back into this year.

Winterizing Your Lawn

Your lawn, a luscious carpet of green surrounding your home, needs a bit of care before the cold sets in. Continue to improve the livelihood of your yard in the fall. Remove weeds that may steal precious nutrients and water. Check the soil’s acidity to make sure it will receive any needed maintenance.

Of course, the leaves should be raked and disposed of. This is not only for tidiness, but it allows your lawn exposure to the air to “breathe” and avoids becoming a home for pests and insects. Leaves that remain untouched through winter months can grow flattened and crush the grass, causing it to mat, which makes regrowth in the spring difficult.

Winterizing Your Garden

You used fertilizer for your garden during the summer months, and homeowners should also use fertilizer to prepare their garden for winter months. However, using the same fertilizer that was used all summer will not be as beneficial. There are fertilizers specially formulated for the cold months that contain more potassium to aid the health of your garden in the cold weather.

Garden beds should be insulated in the winter. This is done by adding a layer of mulch or covering the bed with a sheet of burlap. Any small plants that you would like to keep should be potted and brought indoors, where they will wait to be replanted in the spring. Be sure to remove any leaves and debris in garden beds. Taking the time to winterize your landscape in the fall will make spring gardening easier and will keep your landscape healthy year-round.