Sewer Cleaning Services in Leesburg, VA

Five Star Septic can clean out your sewer and septic system in or around the Leesburg, VA, area. Our specialized sewer cleaning trucks clean sewage lines more effectively and easier than any other method around. Our proven Vac-Con sewage cleaning process is not only incredibly effective, it is more sanitary and focused on public health. Utilizing the best equipment in the industry, Five Star Septic is your best choice for sewer system maintenance.

Our Sewer Cleaning Trucks

At Five Start Septic, we utilize state of the art sewer cleaning methods designed to effectively and efficiently clean your sewer lines. We utilize a dual process of cleaning by combining jetting and vacuuming simultaneously, with one, well-equipped truck. Jetting is when a special hose is inserted into a congested and dirty pipe, then high-pressure water from our truck dislodges debris, dirt, and residue. Our vacuum then removes everything that has been dislodged from the pipe and deposits it into a sludge tank.

Cleaning sewer lines with our dual system is a faster, more productive and sanitary approach to proper sewage maintenance. Five Star’s skilled technicians are trained to have this down to a 2-person process, which allows them to expedite your sewage system cleaning more productively. With a sewer truck that can both jet and vacuum simultaneously, you are guaranteed an environmentally safe community in Leesburg.

Benefits of using Vac-Con Truck Services

Our Vac-Con trucks utilize water pressure of about 75-gallons per minute to clean sewage pipes. This water dislodges matter that is stuck to the sides of the pipes. Any organic and inorganic matter is flushed away from the sides of the pipe, allowing it to be gathered quickly with the vacuuming system and forced into the truck’s disposal tanks. Our innovative cleaning gear is designed as a vacuum excavator. The vehicles can bring underground cables and pipes to the surface, as well as function as street flushing equipment as well.

Our highly skilled technicians constantly man our equipment, while working at a job. This method ensures the work is performed accurately and up to code. We are meticulous in evaluating all cleaning details at a job. When you rely on Five Star Septic to clean your sewage system, you have unobstructed lines, lowering the risks of disease spreading and burst pipes.